King's Club (KING's CLUB!!) 2019

Well another year, another great Kings Club!  Our theme this year was Backpackers; we looked at the story of Jesus coming into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, his anointing  with perfume by a woman, Judas’ betrayal, and Jesus’ death and resurrection.  It sounds like a tall order, but with the help of the Scripture Union book, video, and helpful information, the message came alive for all of us.

Each day started at registration with a team challenge. Monday - cut out paper hands and write on them what they like to do, so that we could get to know the children. Tuesday - banners showing what their best day or best day out had been, we think we had everything from ‘playing with friends’ to ‘going on holiday’.  Wednesday - pennants showing their favourite food which, surprisingly, turned out to be pizza, McDonald, and Burger King!  Friday - thank you post cards.  My favourite day was Thursday when they did ‘What would you put in your backpack?’  Well we had clothes of all kinds, hairbrush, toothbrush (but no toothpaste and no soap or towels for washing!) A tent, sleeping bag, compass, map, chocolate, cake and sweets - not bad to start with, but not sure about the PS4, mini fridge/freezer and DVD player!

The teams were named after places in the UK - we had Edinburgh Castle, Angel of the North, London Eye, and Blackpool Tower, so it was no surprise when the team from Blackpool put carrots in their backpack for the donkeys, but we were a bit concerned about the parachute!

We did,however, play with a parachute in the afternoon (no, we were not jumping off the roof) but we did have fun playing ‘cat and mouse’ and ‘sharks’ with it, along with other activities in the afternoon - craft, music, football, hockey, and prayers/parachute.  We had 2 guests who came for an afternoon -  Gina doing First Aid and a group giving us a Martial Arts demo, which the kids loved.

When the groups got together in the hall in the mornings the sessions started with the ‘Silly Daily Challenge’; silly socks, silly gloves, team colour, and silly masks, with points awarded for the best one, followed by our video and talk about the story so far.  The video took us to Paris, Sweden, then Italy, Switzerland and back home to London. Our drama introduced us to a group of people taking part in a reality TV  bus tour game show, with everyone wanting to win the prize of a world tour. There was Alex, Jamie and Bertie who were all good friends, and the Shipperbottoms, who were a grumpy couple who seemed to complain about everything and everyone (well Mrs S did all the time), Then there was Carl the Tour Guide, oh and Nigel who we never saw - he was the bus driver and always seemed to be being told off by Carl for something or other, and as with all ‘good’ TV shows there was a twist as they had to vote off members of the tour group, but who?   Would the 3 friends vote the same or could Mrs S talk one of them into voting her way and vote one of their friends off? We would have to see!   Well, as the trip went on and the secret votes were counted, it did not really matter as Nigel the bus driver (who we never saw) had fixed the game and somehow had won, leaving the whole group puzzled.

Each day ended with the group who had been doing music giving us all a small show, the club quiz - with questions from the video and talk,  and the Club game.  This year the Club game was based on the game ‘Battleship’ where each team had to find places, forms of transport (cars, bus etc) and eco energy cards.  All through the week the teams collected points which were changed into miles and we set a challenge to all the teams to see how far they could get from Bolton.  On Monday we got to Doncaster, Tuesday to France, Wednesday to Germany, Thursday to Italy, and by Friday we ended up in the Mediterranean sea off the south coast of Malta.

On Friday, after all the points were gathered and counted, the over-all winning team was Red Team (Edinburgh).   Yellow Team(London Eye) won the Battleship game, and every team member was given a certificate and a baseball cap in their team colour. We rounded off the day by singing one of their favourite songs “God’s not Dead” and the week’s Backpackers song.

So, thanks to all who volunteered in any way, and the Kids for making it a great week.



Thank You Lilian!

This week Lilian Punchaby stepped down from leading the Toddler Group which is something she’s done for 20 years!

So many families have enjoyed the toddler group over the years and a lot of those babies are now adults! We wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation for all Lilian’s hard work!

In the Autumn we’ll be starting a brand you Toddler Group and whilst Lilian would still like to be involved we need someone to take overall responsibility for it.  If you might be interested please do get in touch!


Summer Fair

We pulled it off again! Another successful Summer Fair with £1901.82 raised for much needed reserves.

It never ceases to amaze me how our community pulls together to put on these events. We have a core team at Christ’s Church to coordinate events from a strategic point of view but you might (or might not) be surprised to hear that only one member of that team is under 60! So we are always extremely grateful for willing volunteers to help with the physical stuff and there’s plenty of that!

For the volunteers the final preparations began on Thursday morning when a small team sorted through all the generous donations we’d received. The banners were also hung and we needed a couple of able bodied people with a good head for heights to do that!

On Friday the really physical work started. Nothing is ever straight forward - all our gazebos, cafe equipment and other bits and bobs are stored in the lounge loft. The lounge is our only building besides the church and it’s used for many things. On Saturday mornings there’s a slimming world meeting which meant no access to the room before 10.30am. This meant that everything we needed from the loft had to be taken down and over into church on Friday (after the community cafe closed). Then at 8am on Saturday morning we all met to start moving things out onto the field.

Some of our gazebos are really old and I have to say hats off to the gentlemen erecting the cafe kitchen because there were no instructions and a LOT off poles, but long after I gave up they were still persevering and they did get it together!

We always worry that we don’t have enough people to pull it off but lots of willing volunteers arrived and by 12pm the field was buzzing with activity and paying customers!

The 3 hours went by in a blur, the cafe never stopped with people queuing for tables and there was a constant flow of people browsing the stalls. We’d made an emergancy request for extra soft toys the night before and people arrived with bag fulls!

The Guides did a roaring trade on the wet sponge throwing stall and the hair braiding stand and Teddy on the Toilet were another couple of new stalls bringing a little diversity!

At 3pm it was all hands on deck as we cleared down tables and dismantled gazebos which all had to go back into the lounge loft. By 4.30pm it was all done and I think that’s a record!

Without our community pulling together for these events (and that’s visitors as well as organisers) they wouldn’t be the success that they are and we are extremely grateful to every single person who participated from sending donations to those buying something from a stall.

Our next event is a Chocolate Tasting Evening - watch this space for further details!

Alternative Prayer Course

Earlier this year I was chatting to Gail about a new discovery I had made – Bible Journaling.  We had a long conversation about prayer and how we both struggle with more traditional formats.  For me, Bible Journaling was a way for me to spend time in conversation with God.  A time when I can shut out everything else that’s going on and focus just on His Word.  I’m a creative person and the best meditation for me is keeping my hands busy so this new discovery was a revelation! Gail shared with me her experience of colouring and how this focused her mind in prayer in much the same way.

“ Do you think if we ran a workshop people would come?” I said. “Let’s make it a course!” said Gail, “Alternative Ways to Pray”.  And so the Alternative Prayer Course was born.

With a little help from the Diocese social media guru, Eve Powers, word quickly spread and we had 22 people sign up for the course from 6 different churches!

The course ran each Monday through June and over the month we all learned something new.  I think it’s fair to say that every person who signed up for the course did so with Faith as they had no idea what to expect.  We knew that not everybody would love every session as we all pray differently and after all that was the point of the course. But what we did find is that everybody came with a willingness to learn and try something new and everybody left with at least one new approach to prayer that they were comfortable to try at home.

We thank God for bringing us all together in fellowship and opening our minds to alternative ways to pray.

For those who missed the course, here’s a summary of what we covered:

Bible Journaling

A Bible journal is a hybrid diary where you keep both notes on your study of the Bible and a record of things that happen in your everyday life. Over time, as you analyse and study the Bible, you can apply what you've learned to your life experiences, which may make it easier to overcome difficult situations.

Specific Bible’s are available for use with journaling – usually with wide margins, but you can journal in any Bible.  Some people are happy to write/draw/paint over the text – others prefer to stick to the margins or use separate paper to fasten inside.  It’s entirely down to personal choice.

Bible journalers are documenting in words and pictures the messages they hear from God, testimonies in their lives, and creative worship of the Lord they love. Approaches to Bible journaling are as varied as artists themselves. Full-page illustrations and simple backgrounds, scrapbooking supplies and simple art supplies — the combinations and possibilities are endless! Some pages focus on a verse in the margins, or add a simple stick-figure doodle; other pages can be complex paintings or drawings representing ideas studied in verses on the page. There is no right or wrong — Bible journaling is all about the Bible journaler deepening their relationship with God.


Colour surrounds us all every second of our lives. Advertisers use colour to sell their product, artists use colour to provoke an emotion, so why can’t we use colour to help us pray?

Today we can obtain lots of different adult colouring books targeted at wellbeing, or download clipart pictures from the internet. We started by looking at the Celtic knots. Just looking at the complex pattern can leave us confused, just like life, but following one of the paths in the knot and colouring it in can turn the confusion into a wonderful pattern of our lives.  Each colour represents a different part of our lives, all interwoven with one of the paths in the knot representing God who works though all our lives. As we colour it helps us focus our pray on that part of our  lives, but not forgetting to thank God for all he does and just listen to his voice as we colour.

If the knot is large enough you might have space to write your thoughts, prayers or even part of a bible passage to help you focus.  But again try to use different colours. Don’t think too much about which colour you use let your emotion pick it! Does your choice of colour change as you work through and hand over to God your thought and prayers?


There are no less than 34 mentions of clay/pottery in the bible! It’s a great metaphor for the shaping of our lives and how we can always start over afresh.

Working with clay can be therapeutic.  It keeps our hands busy as we channel our thoughts and prayers.  In our session we made prayer pots.  We prayed for various people in our lives with every piece of clay, not forgetting ourselves as the base.  The result was a complete pot that had God’s love embedded in every single layer that could continue to be used as a vessel to place our future prayers as a physical handing over to God.

Copies of the Instructions sheets followed during the session can be emailed on request.

Words in Psalms

Words are a powerful thing! They can encourage or destroy someone, heal or hurt, be said with love and understanding or anger and hate. Just changing a word in a sentence can change its direction from a collective to a personal meaning, so as we worked through a passage, prayer or song, we look at how we can change a word here or there to make it our own to help us pray and listen to Gods word.

God bless

Rebecca Webster    

Alternative Prayer Blog.jpg

Rev Adrienne Morgan's Priesting

On Saturday 22nd June our very own Adrienne Morgan was Priested at Manchester Cathedral. Today (23rd June) she presided for the first time at Holy Communion! At the end of the service we presented Adrienne with a few gifts and shared a lunch together.

Adrienne will at some point be sharing her own words about her journey but for now we would like to share a few photographs.

Blog Takeover - Helen Hargreaves on The Lounge Cafe One Year On

On June 15th 2018 the Lounge Cafe opened its doors for the first time, new baristas waiting in trepidation. The idea of making cappuccinos, mochas, espressos, americanos and hot chocolates together with using the frothing facility on the machines was all very daunting. As always the intrepid team got on with it and the cafe was born.

It was only week three when we had a visit from environmental health who passed our premises with the highest hygiene rating of 5.

We have opened every Friday since that very first week apart from Good Friday. Our team currently consists of 13 volunteers working on a rota in four hour shifts, morning or afternoon. Poor Martin is the person responsible for coordinating this mammoth task. We are all now wearing our new bespoke aprons which arrived in May. Fancy joining us? New volunteers are always welcome. It really is very enjoyable.

 Volunteering gives us all the chance to meet and speak to people we don`t usually have time to get to know in Church. We have also got to know each other better and made some new friends. We have had quite a few visitors who have thanked us for giving them time and for providing a listening ear. Some of our elderly visitors are accompanied by carers who appreciate a calm and helpful atmosphere. Our visitors include Church members, passers by, mums taking and collecting children from school, dog walkers and people working on laptops (making use of our free wi-fi). Some of these have become very regular customers. 

Doreen and Roy Pearson have supported us from day one. This is their Friday morning treat and we know their order before they arrive. They even came to the cafe on  the morning they had a kitchen fire. Maybe they should have invited the firemen. Gail is another of our regular customers. She enjoys meeting people, catching up, working on her laptop and having breakfast. She will also take bookings for baptisms if you let her know. 

Our cakes are a facebook favourite, they often receive compliments as does our coffee which really is very nice. A team of 9 volunteers make cakes on a rota and provide three different cakes each week. Lemon drizzle and chocolate are firm favourites.  Other cakes include chocolate brownie, caramel carrot cake, coffee and walnut, victoria sandwich , humming bird cake, chocolate orange and chocolate caramel. We provide a selection of fresh fruit, toast, cereal, tea cakes, potato cakes and crumpets. Gluten free products are also available.

The MacMillan coffee morning was exceptionally busy. It went really well and all profits went to the charity. We raised £530, thank you to everyone who supported us.

Our outreach day before Christmas was successful. We bussed some people in from local homes and provided free turkey sandwiches. This was really appreciated and was a very busy day.

It has not all been plain sailing and we have sometimes felt the urge to throw the coffee machines through the door! Occasionally we have been VERY busy but our customers appreciate that we are amateurs and volunteers. 

One year on and we are all much more confident.. We have got to know quite a number of people in our community and are looking forward to our second year in business, wondering what it will bring.

If you haven`t tried our cafe yet come and join us. You will receive a very warm welcome. The Lounge Cafe is not primarily about profit (though this does help the Church), it is more about fellowship and outreach.  



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Blog Takeover - Rev Julia Gordon updates us on Messy Church

Messy Church

So, you may have heard that we have started up Messy Church at The Elderdale Community Centre in Yewdale Gardens, which is a form of church for families to worship and learn together and welcomes existing church-goers as well as newbies of all ages from 0 – 99 (if you’re 100, you are welcome too!)  It includes craft activities, all based around a bible theme, which involves conversation and building relationships, worship, teaching and singing, then we all finish off by sharing a meal together.

We’ve held two sessions so far and it’s been great fun.  The people at Withins Action Group (WAG) gave up one of their slots once a month on Monday afternoon at the centre so we could hold it there and have been so supportive and encouraging, it had to be the Holy Spirit working His magic!

Our first session was a great success – not in numbers, but with the way everyone engaged in the craft, stories and of course sharing food.  We had around 25 attending, including leaders, and the ratio of leader to guest was a real blessing.  After all, we were finding our feet with it all and I think God knew just how many we could cope with!  In fact, not only were we blessed with the number of guests who turned up but also the number of leaders who volunteered to be part of this amazing ministry.  Praise the Lord!  Our second session practically doubled in numbers and the Easter themed activities were brilliant with great feedback from the ‘congregation’.  We are currently planning our third session (end of June) and we can feel the anticipation from those who came to the last ones – they’ve got the flyer firmly placed on their fridge!

I thank God for his amazing faithfulness and encouragement and can’t wait to see where He takes us with Messy Church!

God bless,


New Website

Welcome to our new look website!  We’ve tried to add as much information as we can to tell you about all the things we do here at Christ’s Church and how you can get involved.  Each page also gives you the details of the relevant person to contact if you’d like further information.

Please do have a look around and give us your feedback!  Don’t forget we are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too and would love to hear from you if you are part of any of our groups and have a story or a photograph to share.

I’ll also be keeping in touch with you via my ‘Vicar’s Blog’ so make sure you check back regularly to see what I’ve been up to!