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It costs over £90,000 a year to run Christ’s Church Harwood.

The Church receives no regular funding from the government or diocese. We raise funds through our own endeavours and the generosity and support of our visitors and congregation.

Your donations will directly contribute towards the enormous costs of maintaining the fabric of the building and ever-increasing energy bills as well as helping the Church play a key role for the community.

Ways to Give

  • NEW Contactless Giving - We are now able to take card payments

  • Standing Order -    If you would like to give to the church regularly the best way is by setting up a standing order with your bank.  These payments would be a fixed amount of your choosing and usually paid on a weekly or monthly basis.    

  • Bank Transfer -      For one off donations or payment of fees.

  • Weekly Envelopes -        We can provide you a dated set of small gift envelopes to put cash (or a cheque) in the church collection each week.  This helps you keep track of any weeks you may not be at church.

  • Payroll giving -        A payment made by your employer (with your consent) from your pay.  This has two advantages - firstly the amount you pay will be excluded from your taxable income and secondly, some employers will match your payment to the charity you give to.  Please check with your employer to see if they run this sort of scheme.

  • Cheque -     Cheques should be made payable to ‘Christ’s Church Harwood’ and ideally placed in a yellow envelope so that Gift Aid (see below) can be claimed.

  • Leaving money in your will (a legacy) -   This can be a fixed amount or a proportion of your overall estate (after expenses and any other fixed amounts have been paid).  You should take advice about your will to ensure that it is correctly worded.

Gifts of money will be held for general use unless otherwise agreed beforehand.  If you wish to give money for a specific purpose this will need to be approved by the PCC and your gift will than be restricted to that use.


All cash given during Church Services is counted by two persons and recorded. 

Each year our accounts are  examined by an independent accountant with full access to documentation and bank accounts. Approved accounts are presented each year to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) and also provided to the Charity Commission.

TAX - Gift Aid Schemes.

The Government (HMRC) assists charities by refunding tax to the charity where a person makes a donation from their taxed income.  The Church can claim this money if the donor signs a declaration that their gift is from taxed income and where the gift is given in an auditable manner - either directly into our bank account or using one of our numbered gift envelopes (orange for regular giving, yellow for one of/irregular donations and blue during our Gift Month, or where an individual gift is specifically acknowledged with a receipt. Please see the treasurer for details.

In addition small cash donations (£20 or less) which are given in church meetings where the collection is counted and banked in an auditable manner will also attract a similar payment from HMRC. There is a limit of £8,000 cash donations per annum eligible for this scheme, which gives up to £2,000 refund.

Please download a Gift Aid declaration form here for One Off donations or Multiple donations.

 Christ’s Church Harwood is a Registered Charity, No 1155350